Top Tips on Property Maintenance

Posted on: November 7th, 2013 by Marion

Whether you are an owner occupier, a landlord, or you simply have license to look after your rented accommodation, this article will probably save you a lot of money. Whilst it is very true that modern housing constructions need less looking after compared to their older counterparts, there are always areas that need regular attention. We’ll focus on these aspects and explain why you should have them at the top of your property maintenance list. If you’re living in your own home or providing a place for others to stay, it is vital that you spot any defects before matters get out of hand.

Water Leaks

There is nothing that can cause silent damage to your property like water does, it is sometimes hard to detect and quite often too late to fix. By making a regular check on your plumbing installations, you can save thousands in the long run. Areas to look out for are pipes around the boiler, under the kitchen sink and around the bathroom furniture. You might also want to check out the hoses to the washing machine and dishwasher as they sometimes spring a small leak that can really damage your floorboard installation.

Bathroom Issues

As well as looking at your bathroom plumbing areas, you should also ensure that the grouting between your tiles is looking healthy. Apart from detracting from the overall look of your tiled areas, bad grouting damage can lead to all kinds of mold and damp problems later on. The bathroom is going to be hot and damp at least a few times each day, don’t let that moisture get into the floor or walls.

Structural Matters

Even modern houses have been known to suffer from premature structural damage, keep an eye on the overall building condition regularly otherwise you could be in for a nasty shock. Your building insurance policy should cover most eventualities but you should always remain vigilant. If you rent the building out, you may face a very high rehousing bill when the repair work is being carried out.

Unwanted Pests

Mice and rats may seem cute in those Disney cartoons, but they can be a real headache if they reside in your home. As well as the myriad of health issues, you’ll have problems attracting tenants once the word gets out about your infestation. It’s always worth the cost of calling in the professionals to deal with these nuisance squatters. You can cut down the chance of them ever arriving by maintain a clean and tidy house, especially regarding food waste.

Boiler Systems

This can be a real challenge for landlords as well as owner occupiers, you should always think about their safety first. Too many people have been killed by carbon monoxide poisoning to take this matter lightly. Get your boiler serviced regularly and replace it when advised to. British Gas offer a maintenance scheme that will ensure your boiler should never let you down. There are a number of other heating suppliers that offer a similar service and you may be surprised at how reasonable they are.

Other Issues

  • Always check your carbon monoxide and smoke alarms on a regular basis.
  • Keep your gutters clear from debris as a leaking/overflowing gutter can cause hideous damage to your brickwork.
  • Keep your trees and shrubs nice and tidy, especially if they are near to your house.
  • Check all electrical outlets and appliances when recommended.
  • Peeling paint is not only unsightly but could be a symptom of something more sinister such as rising damp.
  • Ensure that your exterior doors are always in good condition and pay special attention to the locks.

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