Six Reasons to Hire a Painting and Decorating Company for your Home

Posted on: July 20th, 2013 by Marion

Whether you’ve just moved in, are planning on moving out or simply feel like a change, painting and decorating is the best way to give your home a facelift and make it feel fresh and new again. But the prospect of doing all that decorating yourself certainly isn’t fun, so take a look at these six reasons why a professional painting and decorating company could be just what you need.

1. Exemplary Results

Makeover shows may make it look easy, but getting a home to a pristine and perfect state is hard work. Whether you want to paint walls, reinstate a fireplace or tile a bathroom, you’ll always get a better result if you hire a professional. A small mistake can turn into a huge annoyance when you have to look at it all the time, so for exemplary edging, straight as a dye tiling and fabulously fitted floors use a professional painter and decorator.

2. Speedy Results

Whilst you might take a couple of days to complete a job, it could take a professional a couple of hours, so if you want things done and dusted as quickly as possible then a professional is your best bet. Jobs like plastering, tiling, painting ceilings or adding cornicing require a lot of skill so unless you’re willing to learn don’t attempt it yourself.

3. Don’t Waste Money

Professional decorators understand  how to properly cost a job and know where to get the best materials for the lowest price, so while you might waste money on unnecessarily expensive paint or things that you don’t need a decorator won’t. When you decorate, it’s not just paint or paper you need to buy, you’ll also need to purchase all the tools for the job which can add yet more expense to your endeavour, whereas a decorator will already have them to hand.

4. Top Quality

A trip to the DIY store will quickly demonstrate just how expensive buying materials can be, but decorators purchase their materials at cost price and in bulk so they’ll get the same product for a fraction of the price and they can pass their savings on to you. The money you save on buying overpriced materials and tools could equate to the cost of their labour.

5. Get Adventurous

You may have all sorts of adventurous ideas for your home but without the skills to carry out your ideas they simply won’t happen. A Decorator will be able to utilise their skills to turn your dream home into a reality and make your home into a truly unique reflection of your personality that you’ll love spending time in.

6. Freedom and Flexibility

If you’re doing your won decorating you’ll need to take time off work or eat into your precious evenings and weekends, whereas a decorator can come in whilst you’re at work and get on with the job so you’re not disturbed, meaning you can spend your free time doing the things you actually enjoy!

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